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If you would like a quote or just want some additional information or advice please contact us by email or use the form below.

We spend almost half our time in the US, a lot of the time travelling which is why we do not publish a phone number.  We therefore prefer that you contact us via email but if you wish to speak by phone then please give us a time and a number and we will call you.

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Golf Holidays America

If you are interested in a golf package then you might like to take a look at our Golf Holidays America business… Web SiteFacebook Page

Our price policy

We do occasionally publish package prices online but in general we prefer to provide an individual quote on request. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, many of our American resorts now operate a rate yield system. Basically, this means they adjust the rates periodically depending on how rooms are selling. Effectively this means the base wholesale rates that we work from are constantly changing.

Secondly, due to the ever changing exchange rate the value of the package can change. We handle this by quoting in US Dollars. We only convert to pounds at the time that our clients pay. This way you are not paying for any built in exchange rate contingency.

If a client wishes to pay part or all of their balance early to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate then this is no problem. Moneys paid are transferred to a US Dollar holding account and left there until required for supplier payments. We NEVER use clients money for any other purpose than for payments arising from that booking.

Equally, clients are welcome to arrange a US Dollar wire transfer direct to our US account.

Clients can also pay via PayPal but this is subject to a fee, usually 2.9%. 

Get involved

If you would like to post a comment about our site or would like to provide feedback regarding any of our resorts or holidays you can visit our blog page.

Alternatively, you can view our Facebook Page where we post regular updates, photos and videos.